10 Habits To Increase Your Productivity

Most of the days you might have a few or lots of stuff to do, and your “To Do List” can be so long that it looks like the list every year Santa Claus has in his hands for the toys he need to make for all the children on this planet.

Only 24 hours every day, and you need to do all that stuff in less than 8 hours, as you need to have some rest and good sleep and do also some other things than just work.

But how to manage work, life and rest and sleep?

On of the purposes of having a Personal Planner is to learn to manage your time and your work so you can work more efficiently and then you will have more time for things you want to do.

I don’t want to take off the importance of “to have a job to do”, far from it, as I understand the importance of having a job and do it the best I can.

Lucky for each one of us, lately there is more and more opportunities to jump in as a different way to work.

The first thing you need to do is to be aware that you can do it too. You might thing this can be impossible to achieve, or maybe to hard to do, and you don’t know anything of it. But believe me in time and good work you will achieve it.

10 habits to increase your productivity

10 Habits to improve your productivity.

These 10 habits are easy to jump on each one of them, you can start making each one of them at a time, and you will know when you’re ready to jump in the next one or you can start jumping on more than one at the same time.

I will make 3 groups of them,

In the morning:

1 Drink a glass of water

After a night of sleep, your body may need some water to be properly hydrated.

2 Read your “To Do List”

Read your to do list for this day, just read it, don’t change or rewrite anything, by doing this will help you to have an idea on what you need to do and will help you to get organized.

3 Have a healthy breakfast

Doctors and nutritionists say breakfast is the most important meal of everyday, your body and brain need proper food to work through all day long, to get a good start of the day, give your body the right food it needs.

If you need a special diet for yourself, get an appointment to your doctor or a nutritionist and get the best diet and advice that will work for you.

4 Do exercise

Our bodies need exercise, more and more doctors are making a call to everyone to be active.

You don’t need to run a marathon everyday, you just need to keep yourself be active and do some exercise, most of the doctors and nutritionists recommend to do 30 minutes of exercise, and a nice and slow walk will do.

If you already do exercise and the best time for you is in the evening or at night, you can do some stretching movements in the morning.

5 Do first what is mort important.

After you read the list of things you need to do for everyday, you will know what is the most important thing to do for that day in particular, start your day doing it.


1 Take some breaks

Everyone who works, keep focused on their work so hard, for long hours, our bodies and brains need some breaks.

How about to keep on your work for 50 minutes and get 10 minutes of break, I know there are jobs where you can’t do it, but if you can, just take a moment to close your eyes for a moment, stand up, do some stretch, maybe a small walk to have a glass of water and return to your work.

2. Find what are those things that steal your time.

While you work, focus on what you need to do, don’t look at your cell phone or even worst don’t go to check who is on Facebook or your favorite Social Media.

Unless your work is on Social Media and on Facebook, try to avoid this kind of distractions they can steal your productivity at work around 2 hours at day.

3 Listen to audiobooks or audio conferences.

If your job is far from your home, and you need to drive to your work place, and this can take you more than a half of hour everyday, try to use this time to learn something new or to get more knowledge on what you do for a job, or what you would love to learn.

You can read a need book doing this, or you can even learn a new language.

Those 30 minutes or more, will turn into a valuable time for you, you just need to find what would you love to accomplish to use this time.


1 Read 30 minutes

Yes, read 30 minutes after fall asleep.

If you love to read a paper book, this will be better, just try to avoid blue light advices to read at night.

Read about what you love, something interesting or pleasant for yourself. Something that will help you to sleep good.

2. Plan next day

If you write your personal planner, this is the perfect time to check on what you need to do for tomorrow.

As an extra bonus… Sleep enough.

A good night sleep will help you always to be in shape for the next day.

I hope this list of new habits for you,  will help you to do better everyday, as I say, you can do one, two or all of them, you know better what is best for yourself.

If you have any questions about these habits, leave a comment, I will reply to you.

I thank you for making the time to visit and read my blog.

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