10 Resolutions For 2017 Free Printable

10 Resolutions For 2017 Free Printable

December 29th, it’s time to take a break and before I get into the New Year party mood take some time to think about next year.

I think it might be busy at your place, with children on Holidays vacations at home, and you might have some of your family members at home for this time at home too.

One thing I like about free printable for your personal planner is they are ready to fill them up in just a few minutes, and their purpose is to help you to plan ahead what you want to do and accomplish it.


It’s well know many people will be making their resolutions for 2017, this week!

It’s said resolutions don’t work at all, most of us will forget about them in the next few weeks, and there is a reason why they don’t work in most of the times.

Resolutions can be made just as a thought, and a wish… I want to lose some weight, the most common resolution for New Year.

I want to be rich

I want to travel

I want to move to a bigger house

I want a better job

And the list could go on and on, and most of resolutions are good, to have a desire to be and do better in life is always good.

This time is perfect to do this, just don’t make a resolution in your mind and leave it written in the air. Hoping one day will happen, you might find at the end of the year, it didn’t happen.

10 resolutions for 2017 free printable

Personal Planner.

One reason to write a personal planner is to focus on what you want to accomplish on your life to step on a better life.

Every day you will work on it.

Every day you will open it and write more important things to get organized and do more with less time and less work, this is all about on a personal planner, to get organized and do better.

If you write down your 10 Resolutions for 2017, add this printable to your planner, and every time you open your personal planner you can make a fast read on your resolutions and by doing this it will remind you what your resolutions are.

Make a plan.

A dream is a wish with no plan, a dream or a resolution with a plan will happen one day!

Write down your 10 Resolutions  list for 2017, and make a plan for each one of them.

Lose some weight is just a dream

Lose 10 pounds is a goal.

Lose one pound per month sounds more like a plan.

Make some changes in your life style, will help you to work on that plan.

Some advice a Canadian nutritionist gave on TV this week about the most common resolution, lose weight.

She said, don’t jump on any diet you hear about how good it is, if you need to lose some weight because your health, go to your doctor, and ask for help.

But if you are healthy and you will like to lose some pounds just make a few changes in your life:

  • drink one more glass of water every day.
  • add more vegetables to your plate in every meal
  • do some light exercise (like 30 minute walk)
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  • She said, by doing this, just as simple as this, in time you will see some improvement in your weight.
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  • So this sound like more like a plan to me, and also sound like not only as a resolution, it sound more like some lifestyle change to improve my life. A plan to jump in.
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  • You can work on each one of your resolutions this way, write it down and make a plan.
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  • Check on it every month, if it is working the way you want to, keep at it, if it’s not working, check on your plan and do a new plan to accomplish it.
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  • If you find that a resolution you made it’s not important for you any more, you can erase it from your list.
  • Life can change sometimes, and you might need new resolutions, be flexible and keep at it, life will get better.
  • Live the moment and be sure to add some good moments to your life, and make the best of it on 2017!

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  • If you have any questions about how to write down your resolutions, or how to work on making a plan for a resolution, leave a comment.
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  • If you find this free printable is helpful and you want to print it up later, PIN IT so you can find it later.
  • 10 resolutions for 2017 free printable
  • I thank you for making the time to stop and read my post.
  • Alejandra.

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  • This printable has also a 10 books to read for 2017

  • 10 resolutions for 2017 free printable







  • 10 resolutions for 2017 free printable 

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