Add Some Color To Your Planner, It Will Look Happier

Hi there!

After a long and busy week at work, nothing nicer than getting some time to do something that can relax me.

This is one of the best reason I love to take some time to create  a new coloring page for my planner, I hardly have enough time to sit down and do one page until I finish it, but any time I have some free minutes, I like to take some color pencils and do a little.

This time I create a coloring page with some flowers, you will need to add some color on it of course, but also you can add some doodles, they will add some charm on it, and they will make this coloring page more personal and you can do this as an exercise for your creativeness.

You can download the size right for your planner, as this time I made one for A4 planner and A5 planner, but if you like to print it out just as a coloring page, it will look amazing also.

Once you finish it, you always can send me a photo of it, I would love to see your work!.

Have a nice weekend and hope you can get some free time to relax!



Free Coloring page flowers





A5 and yes, this time this A5 coloring page comes with an extra for your bullet journal!

Free coloring page for your planner

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