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Resolution Tracker Free Printable

Resolution tracker free printable

Resolution tracker free printable Resolution (noum) =A goal that last until February. And I could add, sometimes that goal doesn’t even last the first two weeks. I could see this could be the reason for most of the resolutions made the first days every January won’t end as a success stories in most of the times. Let’s see why┬áresolutions fail: They are made just like a wish, I want to lose some weight, I want to be my own boss, I want to be millionaire, I want to be happy. I need to say, I don’t go against those wishes, I want them too, each one of them and all...

10 Resolutions For 2017 Free Printable

10 resolutions for 2017 free printable

10 Resolutions For 2017 Free Printable December 29th, it’s time to take a break and before I get into the New Year party mood take some time to think about next year. I think it might be busy at your place, with children on Holidays vacations at home, and you might have some of your family members at home for this time at home too. One thing I like about free printable for your personal planner is they are ready to fill them up in just a few minutes, and their purpose is to help you to plan ahead what you want to do and accomplish it. Resolutions. It’s well...

My Holiday Traditions, Free Printable

My Holiday Traditions free printable

My Holiday Traditions, Free Printable. Before time goes by, take a minute or two to print out this new free printable for you and write down all those beautiful moments you just shared with your family. It is said, and I believe this can make a difference in your life, don’t count those bad moments that can happens in your life, count your blessings and life will be better. During the Holidays, families use to get together and share good moments. During these days we use to take lots of pictures, to help us to remember good moments. If one of your goals for next year is to focus on...

10 Habits To Increase Your Productivity

10 habits to increase your productivity

Most of the days you might have a few or lots of stuff to do, and your “To Do List” can be so long that it looks like the list every year Santa Claus has in his hands for the toys he need to make for all the children on this planet. Only 24 hours every day, and you need to do all that stuff in less than 8 hours, as you need to have some rest and good sleep and do also some other things than just work. But how to manage work, life and rest and sleep? On of the purposes of having a Personal Planner is to...

Christmas Coloring Page Free Printable.

Christmas coloring page

Christmas coloring page free printable. As nights are longer and it’s dark here around 5pm, everyday when I drive back home from work, I can see one by one houses has Christmas lights on. On the ground there is just a few snow for now, on the forecast looks like soon we will have more snow, everything is starting to look like winter. Is it time to get some Christmas decoration in the house? or is it too early yet? I bet you like me, that is the question, I don’t know when you will be decorating your house for Christmas, I have been doing just a little here and...