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“I think for women who don’t know how to draw or don’t feel comfortable or confident drawing, this is another way to socialize and have an activity that they can do with other people ‚Ķ and because you don’t need to concentrate very much when you’re coloring in a coloring book, you can talk and have glass of wine.” – Lisa Congdon

Can you think on anther way to spend an afternoon or an evening at home that spending some time coloring a new coloring page and have a glass of wine!

I never thought about this, on today’s post I wanted to write about the good reasons to do some coloring pages as adults, a hobby that is gaining more fans every day.

As an artist for me coloring is easy and I would love to spend more time just coloring and painting, and I bet you would like to do it too!

Every time I go out and spend some time on stores I can see there is a wide variety of coloring books, from the smallest to the biggest, and from one theme to all in one book coloring pages.

To be honest, I love some, but I don’t love others, when I get home, I usually come to my laptop and I can spend some time working on a new coloring page, why? I just love to make them.

Since I started to work on my personal journal, I decided I will keep a part of it as a coloring book, so handy at times, any time I need to spend some time on a waiting room, doctor appointment, dentist, or waiting for any appointment, I always carry one planner and a small coloring pencil case and I can forget about time.

This is why Lisa Congdon’s quote about having a glass of wine and spend sometime doing some coloring pages sounds great to me!.

Anything that is good for you, and can give you some quality time for yourself, needs no further explanations, but I will give you a few reasons to keep some coloring pages on your planner.

  1. 1- Coloring reduces stress and anxiety

  2. Start working on coloring a page and you will notice soon you won’t feel stressed or with anxiety. Keep a coloring book near from you with a set of coloring pencils.
  3. 2- Coloring trains your brain to focus

  4. Big spaces and small spaces on a coloring page will challenge you to do it, the more you color the better you will get.
  5. 3. You can be you when you coloring

  6. Coloring has no rules, you can have your own favorite colors, you can work on a coloring page one day with some colors and the next day you can work with different colors, no matter how you color, it will be awesome at the end, you might get surprised on how great some coloring pages are at the end.
  7. 4. Coloring helps your fine motor skills and vision

  8. If you think about how young children spend their time at school, playing and coloring, first years they hardly can color a big circle without keeping the color inside, the more they color on paper, the better they can do it, once they can do bigger circles, they will try to color smaller spaces, then they will work on letters and words.
  9. Same happens with adults, I spend some times working on quilts as it was my work and I made a living teaching how to quilt, one day I noticed every time I had to write something it was hard for me, so I started again to work on my paintings, to do this I had to work on drawing with a pencil, now it’s not hard for me to write, I even love when I spend a whole afternoon working on my planner writing full pages by hand.
  10. 5. Feeling of accomplishment

  11. Coloring is easy to finish, it’s not hard to start a coloring page and finish it, it won’t take too long to do it, if at work it seems you’re always working and it’s a never ending process, spending some time coloring a page and finish it will give you the feeling you can accomplish your goals, every page colored is a goal done.
  12. 6- You deserve a break

  13. After a hard day or week, it’s nice to have a break, and do something you really love to do, so if you are onto a creative life, time spend coloring is a well gained break.
  14. 7- Coloring can be free decorations

  15. Most of the times, a coloring page looks so nice, you might want to frame it and hang it on a wall, go ahead, I had done it and it looks great, I even keep some coloring pages on my fridge with some magnets and they look nice, and I can change them with the seasons.

Autumn Essentials Coloring Page is the new coloring page I have for you, print one or as many as you want, keep it for your personal use only.

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