Birds Coloring Page Free Printable

free coloring pageSaturdays are always my favorite day to relax, it has been raining all day and weather invites to stay inside.

Stay inside all day! and you look for something to do, no more TV, no more computer, something different.

Something creative and at the same time something useful and something you can finish this afternoon, you like to finish things once you started them.

I could not think on something better than do some coloring, for this reason I worked today on a new coloring page for your planner.

coloring page

Adding some color to a coloring page is always fun, you can try to add first some light coloring, then you can add more layers of color, work on shades, layer by layer you will see how this coloring page comes up to life.
I have been working with different types of color pencil lately, my favorites are Rexel Cumberland, they are soft to work with, color is well saturated, but excellent when you work on light layers. Price can be high, but I have been working with this set for over 5 years, and I think I will keep working with them for a couple of more years.

I also have at home some color pencil from Staedtler, I bought a set for children, these pencils have great new look, color is protected by a white layer, it will keep them from brake often,  but point is a little hard, perfect for details.  Price is excellent, think these pencils are great for children.

I also had worked with Prismacolor color pencil, one of my favorites, point is soft and well saturated of color, you can work with them layer after layer and you will get amazing results.

You can choose from scholar set to professional set, both are great to work with, and you always can buy more single pencil from your art store.

It is time to buy some school material for kids, and all stores have a good variety where you can choose a set or two, it’s always a good idea to have at home some color pencil sets at hand, anytime you feel like you need a break, try to do some coloring, it works perfect to relax.

I hope you find these coloring page useful to add to your personal planner, you can find more here.

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Coloring page free printable







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Free coloring page






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