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Hello Everyone!

I’m pretty sure you already have your own blog, today running a business with no blog is hard to think.

Every second there is more than one new blog  on the internet, many blogs are opened for personal reasons, but more blogs are opened these days as a way to improve a business or to start a business.

Open a blog is not hard work to do, WordPress and Blogger have their platforms ready for you to open a new blog in just about 30 seconds, it will take no much to open and to have your brand new blog.

Now, the question is, how should I  blog to improve my business?

Opening a new blog is no problem today. To get traffic and visits to your blog is the main purpose of many bloggers, as it’s said, with no traffic there is no business.

Plan Your Next Post

I won’t talk much about how to choose the right niche, or how to improve your SEO, as this blog is about how to DIY Planner, today I will talk about how to plan your next post.

No matter what is your Niche, you need to plan your post to make sense of what are you sharing with your visitors, as you are working on building your online or offline business, you need to plan your post for the next entry, next week, next month and even it’s better when you plan your blog post for the next six months.

Planning your blog post will help you to work easier, you will have already an index to work with, you will have time to work on your post

  • Look for the keywords
  • How many words you wrote on each post, 300 to 1000 words on your blog post will help you to get ranked better on Google Search Engine
  • What type of blog post is it?, it is your blog post, it is a guest post, it is a review product post, it is an affiliate product post.

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I like to plan my next blog post this way.

I keep on my business planner a Month Calendar to write down the title of every post I make on the day I publish it, by making this gives me an idea how frequent I’m publishing on my blog, and it also gives me a quick look of the titles or articles I have published on my blog, this way I won’t repeat the subject, and this blog calendar also help me to plan the next blog posts.

As I have more than one blog, I use the same Month printable, to keep track of each blog post I make on each blog, I highlight each blog  entries in a different color, this calendar gives me a quick look on how each one of my blogs is doing.

Arts And Crafts Business in blue

Alejandra’s Quilt Studio in Pink

Time On Paper in yellow

By doing this I get more organized, I don’t miss any week with no posting on each one of my blogs, and I can work more efficiency.

Today, I made a free printable to help me out to blog even  more organized, this printable will keep Categories, title, keywords and notes of each blog post.

It will also keep track on the moment of each blog post:

  • Draft, when you are working on a new blog post, just write down your ideas, it doesn’t matter if in this stage you have some spelling mistakes, just keep going on your writing or typing, as when you stop to correct those mistakes, you can forget the idea you were working on. Keep the ideas flowing and write that great blog post you have on your mind.
  • Edited, when you finish to write down your post, you need to read it, take note of your spelling mistakes and correct them now, you need to check if what you wrote makes sense, if you need to rewrite one sentence this is the moment to do it, take your time, and be sure to read it one, two and even more times, until you are sure your post is the way you want it to. While you edit your blog post, it is also the time to get all the photos or images for it, get the right ones, get them in the right size for your posts, and be sure you always add  the alt to every image you share on your blog, by doing this will help you each time people is searching on a keyword, they will find you and your blog.
  • Done, any moment you feel like your blog post is ready to publish. At this moment you can decide if you want to publish your post right now or you can schedule your post to be published on the date and time you want to.
  • Published, you can mark down here at the moment your post is published.

You can print out as many time as you want to this  Month Calendar and Blog Post free printable, keep it for your personal use.

If you have any questions about this article, leave a comment, I will answer it shortly.

Do you keep an editorial calendar for your blog?


Blog Post free printable


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