Christmas Coloring Page Free Printable.

Christmas coloring page free printable.

As nights are longer and it’s dark here around 5pm, everyday when I drive back home from work, I can see one by one houses has Christmas lights on.

On the ground there is just a few snow for now, on the forecast looks like soon we will have more snow, everything is starting to look like winter.

Is it time to get some Christmas decoration in the house? or is it too early yet?

I bet you like me, that is the question, I don’t know when you will be decorating your house for Christmas, I have been doing just a little here and there, but I could say our home it’s starting to look like Christmas.

If you want to do something different, and at the same time do something creative, I designed a new coloring page for you, this time of course the theme is Christmas.

Christmas coloring page

I spent this morning, while I was waiting for some information I was waiting to arrive to my mail box, doing some coloring on this new coloring page.

I like to do it, one reason it’s to show you how will it look like when you finish to put some color on it, and another reason is because I really enjoy doing it.

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I like to see how each time I add a new layer of color it comes up better.

You can do it too, do first a light layer of basic color on it, then add a few layers of color, to make it look nice.

You can download it for free and print out as many times as you want to. If you have one bad weather day and you need to stay at home this winter, working on a coloring page can help you to keep busy on something you might enjoy to do.

Once you finish it, you can place this Christmas coloring page, somewhere in your house to decorate your house with a little Christmas spirit.


You can click here to download your copy.

I thank you for keeping it for your personal use only.

Christmas coloring page


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