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Welcome to Time On Paper, my new site where I will be sharing tips, ideas and different ways to make the most of your time.

If a day has only 24 hours, and this happens everyday, how come there are people that can do more when must of the people can do just a few things and some days they can hardly do one or two things.

My name is Alejandra, must of my friends just call me Ale, like in French “allez” , I was just like many of the people who used to see the time go fly so fast, an the end of every day I used to ask how come I did so little or nothing.

Because of the magic of these times, called internet I discover the “Personal Planners” being a self taught artist, I love to do children illustration, so I began to work on my own designed “Personal Planner”, I began to work on plan my days and weeks ahead, setting my goals for short, medium and long terms.

Today, I know how my next week will be for work and for working on my own online business, I can manage my time and set priorities on my to do list, and I know this way to live works for good.

This is why I came up with the idea of starting a new site about Management Of Time, “Time On Paper”, when you start to work on your own personal planner you will learn how to manage your time better, you will see results fast and you will have more time for everything you want to do and more.

I thank you for making time to stop and read my blog, you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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