How to use your time.

 Everyday has only 24 hours, no more no less.

Anytime I talk with a friend, they tell me they have no time, has this happen to you?

No time for anything, no time for work, no time to go to shop groceries, no time to be with your family, no time to do anything on your to do list, and worst of all, no time to go chase your own dreams.

I just read this quote written by a young Canadian girl, and it strike my mind.

  • When you lose money, you can always make it back. When you waste time, it is forever gone. Eda Ho

How many times we use to hear someone tell us we need to do this or that, to achieve our goals or our dreams.

Run, run, before it’s too late, the race to achieve everything on life, like the white rabbit, just run before it gets too late.

Today, I don’t want to take too much time from you, this post will be just a reminder of stop, take a breath and do what is more important for you at this moment.

5 minutes doing it will bring a smile on your face and on your soul,

10 minutes of doing nothing and just looking around you and notice you can find beauty around you, it will be important for your soul.

15 minutes siting with the people you love, your partner, your children, your siblings or your parents, it can bring more meaning to your own life and to theirs.

Do this exercise everyday, just stop and take 5, 10 or 15 minutes to do what really matters to you, today is not about any “To Do List” today is just about this moment.

Hope you enjoy it and make it a habit for yourself. Collect good memories of your own life, that is the real meaning of it.

You can always go back to your work and your business, but after those quality minutes sent with yourself or with people you love, your soul will be happier to achieve your goals in life.

Have a beautiful day.



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