Month Calendar Printable

Already August, time flies!

Time flies and soon Christmas will be here, and I say Christmas because, I always think when Christmas happens another years is gone, the happiest time of the year, according to the song, but a busy time for Moms and Dads,

August is an important month, you might think I’m wrong, as on this month Summer is at its best, weather is great and everybody is just thinking about having fun, sunshine and jump in the pool!

Here at home, Summer is also a nice weather time, but it happens that I’m an entrepreneur, I run my online business, and it’s time to keep on it, work on many things at the same time. And I’m not wrong if I think on many of you my dear readers, you too are an online entrepreneurs or off line, but we all have our business and it’s time to work and think on them no matter how nice the weather is outside.

One day I might have the time and the money I need to be able to enjoy a full Summer traveling, so let’s keep on working on the right things to build up my online business.

Today, you might be surprise, as I’m posting on Monday, and I have been posting only on weekends, but today it’s August 1st and I want to share with you my new Month Calendar, time is right to mark down all those appointments I have already for this month, and I can also plan some new strategies for my business.

This time this printable can work perfectly for both planners sizes A4 and A5, and also you have to choices from where to pick one for your planner or maybe you will print out both, as I did.

Let me know on a comment, how are you doing so far on this year for your plans and goals. August is a good month to stop for a moment and check on our goals, and make any change we need to do to accomplish our goals.

Month Calendar

August is also a good month, to start planning for Christmas, do you sell infoproducts? or do you sell crafts online?
When do you start working on your Christmas sales?

If you find this printable is useful for your planner, remember you can PIN IT so you can find it later.

If you want to learn more about how to build up your Online business, you can visit Arts And Craft Business blog

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month calendar printable





Month calendar printable



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