Perfect To Do List, Free Printable

To do list free printable

Hello Everyone!

When I’m working on planning a new week for my job or for my blogging business, one thing I never forget is to do my “to do list”.

Why I keep a “To Do List” in my planner?

Working as a self employed an as multitasking person, it’s so easy to get distracted by anything around me, some days at my home-office, I need to do a few things at the same time, I wish I could do it!, but I can’t.

A “To Do List” helps me in advance to know what task I need to do on every day, and I can plan what actions I need to do.

By the end of the day I can see how much work I could accomplished on that day and I can plan my “To Do List” for the next day.

How can I make a “To Do List” that works for me?

to do list free printable

Yes, that’s it, when I work on planning my week or my day, I keep it simple, I just write down no more than three things, if I get focused on working on three things every day, by the end of the week I can accomplish my goals.

to do list free printable

Before going to bed, it’s time to check on your “to do list” for the next day, I use to check if I have written down the three things I need to work on the next day, if I need to make changes, the night before is the right time to do it.

I also use to take a moment to think about what I need to do to accomplish those three things, if I need to make and write a plan, I also take a few minutes to do it. It’s always nice to de clutter my mind and go to bed not worrying about my next day at work or at my business.

to do list free printable

A good way to start a new day is to work on the first thing on my to do list in the morning, when my energy and my mind are fresh, I like to work on the most important thing I need to do today early in the morning.

to do list free printable

Just three important thing on my list, and make plans enough to work on them, this way I can accomplish my goals by the end of the week.

Every day, before I call it for the night, I can work again on my to do list for next day, and write another three important things to do for the next day.

to do list free printable

Have you ever had that little thing that keeps on your mind and you just think on it all the time, and it doesn’t let you move forward?

That is that “Small Can Be Big” thing that keep you worried all the time, because it is small I never wrote it down on my to do list and I never did it.

When I find myself thinking on that small thing all the time, I just need to write it down to do it, sometimes, those small things can turn into the big things that will lead us to success. If it keeps in my mind for a day, two or more, it’s better I do it, it can be important in time.

Always use verbs!

“To do list” had always been here to help us to do chores, things, tasks and everything we need to do to accomplish our goals.

It is so easy to write down:

  • Post
  • Yarn
  • Pattern
  • Book
  • Crafts Market
  • Crafts Show
  • Art supplies store

And the list can go on and on, I had the tendency to write down everything that was on my mind so I won’t forget to do it.

Later, when I read my to do list, sometimes I can get confuse about, – yes, a post, hmmm but what about it?

It’s always better to take some time to write a verb on everything on your to do list, this will help you out to remember what you wrote down that task on your list.

  • Write a Post
  • Edit a Post
  • Share or link a Post

Now, my “to do list looks better, and it will help me to know right away what I need to do, it will save me time to remember why I wrote it down and start working on it.

A “to do list” can help anyone to work better day by day, but as a crafter and artist, I can tell you, some days I have so many ideas on my mind, it’s hard to get focused and work on one.

Since I’m working on my personal planner, and I keep my “to do list” my creative life is simpler and I can accomplish more goals every day, week, and month.

To keep a “to do list” will help you to get more organized, and do more of what you’re doing now.

It takes time to get used to do it, don’t be hard on yourself, if you find yourself not working on your “to do list” as you want to. Don’t write down it on any paper, those papers can get lost so easily, because they can be just another paper, because they are so small, and because they are not important.

I made for you as a free printable, a “to do list” big, nice and decorate, you can keep it on your planner, or you can pin it on your wall to keep it easy to look at.

You can print it as many time as you want to, you can print one of each color, or print many times on your favorite color, just keep it for your personal use.

I thank you for making the time to stop and read my blog,

What is the most important thing for you about your “to do list”?



to do list free printable


to do list free printable


to do list free printable


to do list free printable

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