Resolution Tracker Free Printable

Resolution tracker free printable

Resolution (noum) =A goal that last until February.

And I could add, sometimes that goal doesn’t even last the first two weeks.

I could see this could be the reason for most of the resolutions made the first days every January won’t end as a success stories in most of the times.

Let’s see why resolutions fail:

They are made just like a wish, I want to lose some weight, I want to be my own boss, I want to be millionaire, I want to be happy.

I need to say, I don’t go against those wishes, I want them too, each one of them and all of them at the same time.

Most of the times resolutions are made like a word in the wind.

And the next day, you might not even remember what was the resolution you made.

I’m sure there must be more things about why resolutions in most of the cases fails, but I want to point on this post how turn a resolution into a success story.

A resolution made in the wind won’t work, but a specific goal will add a meaning to achieve it.

Resolution: I want to lose some weight

Goal: I will lose 10 pounds on 2017 to be healthier.

Why this goal has more chances to be a success story,  I’m realistic, I set a goal of 10 pounds, I can achieve it and I give my goal a reason why to work hard to reach it, I want to be healthier.

How to achieve a goal.

This is the second step to reach that goal, “a goal with no plan, it’s just a dream”

This step is important, I already know what I want to achieve, and I know why I it’s important for me but now it’s time to talk about the “how to”

So this is my plan: look at my current eating and exercise habits.


Remember if you are up on this resolution too, it’s always better to go to visit your doctor for a check up first, and if your lose weight goal is an important one, look always help from your doctor or a nutritionist, they are professionals and they will give you the best way to achieve your goal.

  • one medium French vanilla coffee everyday = + 400 cals.
  • half cup of ice cream every night = 200 cals.
  • one or two pieces of chocolate per day = 546 cals. 100 grs.

I only will write about these three “food” I used to have almost every day, and it’s more than 1000 cals per day my body doesn’t need.

Now I can make a plan for my diet, I can see me having more healthier food like more vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, poultry and soups and some healthy carbs.

Plus some exercise, to start I will do 30 minutes of walk.

Now I have a goal and I have a plan.

To help me to achieve it and don’t forget about it in just a few days, I made a free printable, so I can write it down, I will work on it month after month to check how I’m doing, and see if my plan is working on the right direction or if I need to change the action plan or if I need to get some help to reach my goal this year.

Most important of all of this “Resolution” will be I call it a “Project” and I see it as a life style change, I won’t do it just as a one year resolution, I’m will work on it as a life style to live a better life.

This time I just talked about the “lose weight resolution” , but I believe if you work this way on any of your resolution it will help you to achieve a success story and I hope you share it with all of us on one comment soon.

If you have any tip to help all of us to reach our goals that has worked for you, don’t be shy, comment below.

If you find this free printable will help you to achieve your goals, PIN IT so you can find it later.

What is your most important “resolution” you would like to achieve this year?


Click on the picture to download it and print it out.

resolution tracker free printable








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