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This planner belongs to

Hello everyone!

this planner belongs to

You work hard to build up your Personal Planner, and you take it with you all the time, every time you have a new idea for your blog or business, you write it down on your planner.

One thing about taking with you all the time your Personal Planner is not to forget it any where! but if that happens be sure to write down your personal information to get it back to you.

This time I designed a personal information for your Junior Size Personal Planner, you can write down al the information you would like to share on it just to be sure in case you miss your planner you can get it back to you.

  • Your name
  • Your address
  • Your phone number
  • Your e-mail

You can also add

  • In case of accident please call to

this planner belongs to

Once you download it you can print it out on letter size paper,  fold in the middle and make the holes for your planner.

I want to thank you for your time to stop by and read my blog, if you find this Personal Planner insert good you can Pin It so you can find it later.

You can print out as many times as you want to, for your personal use only, thanks.

Alejandra as

This planner belongs to.

This planner belongs to

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