Today Choose Happiness A Free Printable For Your Personal Planner

Free coloring page

Hello everyone!

It’s almost weekend, time to take a break!

  • How did your week go?
  • Could you make everything you had on your to do list for this week?
  • Are you feeling like you need a break?

Some weeks can have more chores to do than others, now it is said it’s ok to have a break, we are not working machines anymore, that is why I like to keep a personal planner, to make my plans for the week, and have sometime for a break without feeling guilty.

There is one reason to enjoy a break time, during a break time when I can relax and enjoy what I’m doing, it doesn’t matter if it is a walk, sit down or take that time to do some drawing or coloring a page, it’s said, these moments are so important because my brain can get disconnected from stress and think better.

During these moments when your brain is free from stress is when I get more ideas, as I like to draw and paint, I always keep some white pages on my personal planner, it happens to me often while I’m working or when I’m taking a break, a new design for a painting come up to me, or a new coloring page, I can easily get a new white page on my personal planner to do some doodles on it.

Sometimes I keep on it until it’s finished, I like to work on it adding some color, while I listen to a webinar or to an online conference, I can focus better then, and I can get more ideas to work on while I work on coloring pages.

Free coloring page

As weekend is almost here, hope you have already some plans to get yourself a break, if you are looking for something to do and relax better,

this time I have a Free coloring page for your personal planner, in two sizes,

  • one is for junior size, once you print it out, you will need to fold it in the middle, make the holes and add it to your personal planner.
  • one is for your A4 size planner, all you need to do is to print it up, make the holes and add it to your planner.

Hope in both sizes you have a great time coloring them up, remember Today Choose Happiness is important.

If you are looking for some cute, little and nice stickers for your personal planner you can visit my Etsy Store.

I thank you for making the time to stop and read my blog, if you find this free coloring page great to add it to your personal planner Pin It so you can find it later.

Do you find this free coloring page great to print it up? Would you love to get more coloring pages for your planner?

Have a great weekend, remember to take a break!


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Free coloring page

Size A4

Free coloring page

Junior size A5

Free coloring page

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