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Hi everyone!

And welcome again to my new blog, where manage of time will be easier!

Let’s begin for the beginning, once you decide to start working on manage your time, the first thing to do is to put it on paper.

There are a few applications you can use, and all of them are good, but I prefer to write it down on paper, this way it’s more visual.

Reasons to think a Paper Planner is good for you.

  • It’s easy to use
  • You can see everything laid out
  • Writing helps me to remember
  • it’s accessible
  • When I write stuff down I’ll remember it better than if I had typed it

Once you had decided to start your own Personal Planner, you can chose from a fancy one to a one made by yourself.

When you get one already made, you will find all the inserts that come with it. When you decide to made one by yourself, you will add the insert you need, so every paper will count.

I choose to made one for myself, after looking in stores a few planners, I decided I will made one for myself with sections are useful for me. No need to carry all the paper I don’t and won’t use all the time.

I designed this Week to use in my planner, no dates, I can print out as many as I need, when I’m ready to plan a new week, I just write down the dates. I have a space for To Do List and two for Notes. I made it in different color, so I don’t get bored to see always the same week page.

free week page for your planner


free week page for your planner

You can download your week page, print out as many as you want to, once you have them printed, you need to fold each page on the middle and cut out. Make the holes you need for your planner.

This week page for your planner is made for Junior Planners.

This time I’m using regulars rings for paper. Not fancy but they work pretty good.

Use this week paper for your personal use, if you find this article useful Pin It so you can find easily later.

I thank you for making the time to stop by and read my blog.

I would love to hear from you, do you use a planner on paper too?

Alejandra as

week free for your planner

week free for your planner

week free for your planner

week free for your planner

week free for your planner


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